Prince Luitpold of Bavaria allowed his familyís circa 1810 royal crest to be combined with Kuhneís own family crest to make the Royal Bavaria logo.



TO appreciate a well-brewed beer is to understand what goes into brewing one. Beer-lovers looking for an education need go no farther than the Norman Brewing Co., where political science student-turned-brewmaster Brian Smittle brews a variety of beers--from spice ale with ginger during the holidays to dunkelweizen (a Bavarian-style dark wheat beer) to British pale ales. And Smittle makes a point of sharing his knowledge with his customers. "Iím always happy to talk about beer," said Smittle. "I try to get around to as many tables as I can." Among his beer trivia: stouts get their taste from roasted barley, sweet beers from a special type of malt.

His reasons for sharing? "If youíre going to put something in your body," said Smittle, "you might as well get as much enjoyment out of it as you can and realize what it tastes like and what the ingredients are and how it got its name."

Norman Brewing Co. also houses an upscale pool hall (with 22 tables); it is located at 102 W. Main Street in Norman, (405) 360-5726.



WHEN the founders of Cherry St. Brewery in Tulsa were trying to start their brewpub, they knew they needed at least a million dollars to do it right--to renovate a historic site, purchase brewing equipment, and get the doors open. In raising those funds, they proved just how popular the brewpub concept is with Oklahomans--some seven hundred people anteed up money to become partial owners in the project.

Cherry St. Brewery opened in December of 1993 as the first publicly owned brewpub in the state and possibly the nation. The reason for so many owners? "The idea was to draw business in and to also have a lot of (free) critics out there," said brewmaster Chris Cauthon.

Though 1995 statistics show only one in every twenty-nine brewpubs fails (far better odds than opening, say, a restaurant), this past December Cherry St. filed Chapter 11 in an attempt to correct a shortage of operating capital. If all goes well, the move will allow the brewpub to do what it does best: "provide a local beer for (local) people."

Cherry St. Brewery offers a pub menu--sandwiches to pizza; it is located at 1516 S. Quaker in Tulsa, (918) 582-2739.

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