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Pizarro: Beer, movies and shopping: CineBrew Mart in San Jose has it all

CineBrew Mart, part of Silicon Valley Beer Week, will combine shopping and movies with a beer tasting Saturday at Camera 12 in downtown San Jose.
2014-07-23 12:59:30
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'Guns are welcome' sign at Tennessee restaurant causing business to shoot up

Evan Bleier MARYVILLE, Tenn., July 23 (UPI) -- The owner of Shiloh Brew and Chew, Sharma Floyd, wants customers to feel welcome to bring guns into her establishment so she put up a "Guns are Welcome" sign.
2014-07-23 11:39:54
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ECRM Pairs Wine, Beer and Spirits Suppliers With the Appropriate Category Buyers

Business innovation and technology leader Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing is hosting their Global Wine, Beer & Spirits Efficient Program Planning Session from August 25 - 28, 2014 at the Sheraton ...
2014-07-23 10:56:10
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Beer flows at 'America's Oktoberfest'

More than 80,000 beer fans from around the world gather at the 27th Oregon Brewers Festival.
2014-07-23 09:54:35
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Craft beer boom brewing in Hamilton

Muskoka Brewery boss welcomes competition from Hamilton's burgeoning brewers.
2014-07-23 08:53:15
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Hopping into a new business: Medford man opens home-brew supply shop

Area home brewers now have a resource for beer-making supplies closer to home.
2014-07-23 08:23:52
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Craft beer with a Latin twist

Passion fruit, Mexican cinnamon and Ecuadorian cocoa. From coast to coast, entrepreneurs are brewing craft beers that incorporate Latin flavors.
2014-07-22 19:38:12
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Which beer goes with French dip? At Philippe, it's now a serious question

There’s a sign hung behind the bustling counter of Philippe the Original (the one true originator of the French dip sandwich, in my mind) that poses a difficult decision to diners: lemonade or iced tea? The retro typefaces and jaunty design of the placard always catch my eye and put me even...
2014-07-22 17:35:05
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Maize-N-Brew: U-M football needs fireworks on field, not at halftime

Joshua Henschke is a writer at the Wolverines blog Maize-n-Brew. His opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the Detroit Free Press nor its writers. Read his column every week hereand contact him anytime at joshuahenschke@gmail.com.
2014-07-22 15:54:04
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Get ready for craft beer with a Latin twist

An ice-cold Corona with a slice of lime is what often comes to mind with Hispanic beers. But a growing cadre of Latino brew masters is working to change that. Among them is Juan Camilo, a 28 year old Dominican-American ...
2014-07-22 14:28:00
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Nine things to know about Sauf Haus, Dupont’s new rooftop beer garden

Sauf Haus has three floors of pretzels and German beer, topped with a huge outdoor beer garden.
2014-07-22 12:55:20
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Emmaus raises a glass to brew pubs, micro-breweries

Emmaus may soon become a more welcoming community for brew pubs and small breweries. Borough council had its first reading Monday night on a proposed ordinance that would amend zoning to allow brew pubs and craft breweries in some parts of Emmaus. The proposed ordinance states that new and innovative businesses relating to the art of craft brewing are increasingly popular and attract visitors ...
2014-07-22 03:20:18
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Talking beer tap chats you up at bars

A stunt marketing campaign for Shock Top beer, a sunglasses-wearing citrus wedge with hair made of wheat has been surprising bar-goers
2014-07-22 02:12:37
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Thirst for U.S. craft beer grows overseas

Helping to quench a growing thirst for American craft beer overseas, some of the United States' largest craft breweries are setting up shop in Europe, challenging the very beers that inspired them on their home turfs.
2014-07-21 23:09:50
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Thirst for US craft beer grows overseas

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — Helping to quench a growing thirst for American craft beer overseas, some of the United States' largest craft breweries are setting up shop in Europe, challenging the very beers that inspired them on their home turfs.
2014-07-21 14:13:16
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Brew week makes a splash

Ohio Brew Week wrapped up its eventful eight-day festival with Last Call on Court Street Saturday. Last Call featured dozens of craft breweries from all over Ohio, along with various art and food vendors and performances from six local bands.
2014-07-20 19:17:03
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The Quest to Brew Beer With Space Yeast

A small team of people gathered in the Nevada desert earlier this week to take another step toward answering one of mankind’s most pressing questions: What does beer taste like in space? At least that’s one of the most pressing questions that comes up when a bunch of brewers get together with a bunch of […]
2014-07-18 11:16:24
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The $20 Diner: Right Proper’s beer elevates the brew pub to new heights

Right Proper’s brewer is a wizard with yeasts. The cooking doesn’t always keep up.
2014-07-17 14:43:11
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Genesee Brew House to Host "Tap It Forward Fest": An Event to Foster Community-Building Among Rochesterians ...

ROCHESTER, N.Y., July 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Genesee Brew House will host " Tap It Forward Fest " where people can enjoy new Brew House specialty beers, live entertainment, a police and ...
2014-07-16 06:05:00
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Brew Hub to boost local beer output

LAKELAND — Business nightmares are plentiful for Joey Redner. As founder and CEO of Cigar City Brewing , he does his best to keep them at bay. The first involves not being able to brew enough beer to meet demand for his skyrocketing Tampa-based craft beer brand.
2014-07-11 22:10:08
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